Saturday, December 28, 2013

A sigh of goodbye

With that, I'm done... nearly done, anyway.

3.5 years of undergrad days just flew by me. I had a wonderful time, don't get me wrong. Indeed, the best years of my life. I never liked school, not with all the rules and more rules and strict teachers who cared if my hair covered my ears/eyes. But uni? Uni was really fantastic.

For one, I was actually allowed to study and chew on facts, I was allowed to research and find out things for myself. No more blind memorising and vomiting out during exams! (Fair enough, I mastered that art to survive schooling days. 12A1s in SPM/5As in STPM by that method alone. Except for English Lit, that has always been my favourite, yet most dreaded subject. haha)

And of course, I enjoyed the freedom of dressing, no rules etc that all uni students enjoy.

It's just... hitting me real hard, that I'm done with undergrad days.

All I've thought of since I was a tiny tot was to get a degree. Exam after exam, sem after sem, just tiny steps closer towards obtaining that elusive scroll.

And now it's nearly in my hands...

And I find myself lost. :(

Alarms, sirens going off in my head, screaming for me to pull on the emergency brakes, to stop taking another step forward...

I'm so, very confused about what I want to do after this.

I'm reconsidering lecturing... no doubt I'll enjoy immersing myself in the academic world, but do I really look forward to contributing towards the ivory tower of academia?

Do I?


Completed my final two assignments today - can't say I wrote too well. Could have done a lot better, especially for Shakespeare but I just couldn't find the brainpower to do it anymore. 6 English courses this sem got me pretty jaded.

On another note, I got 91% for my Journalism course (100% assessment course). :) Early on in the course I was merely struggling for an A... that lecturer was really strict, so I would give my best effort and end up with 8/10, at best. (Didn't help that he gave 6am deadlines, and I had 8am Shakespeare classes the next day! Plus I really enjoy Shakespeare so I refused to skip them :P)

In the end somehow he started giving me full marks for everything, so I ended up with my 91% :D

He gave feedback too, I'll include it here because it'll be gone forever once I'm done with this semester (posted on our uni website):

You came to this course already equipped with pretty decent writing skills and I’m happy to say that you have made good use of the course to develop your skills further, specifically in the domain of journalistic writing. This will stand you in good stead irrespective of whether writing becomes a significant part of your career in the future. 10/10

I’m giving you full marks again for your writing not because it is perfect – there is still room for improvement – but because you’ve fulfilled most if not all of the learning outcomes of the course. You are quite capable of producing good copy and to conceptualise, chase and write stories in a variety of genres and on a fair range of subjects. You’ve also played a larger part than the other people in the team in the production of the newsletter, stepping in to take up a leadership role when a vacuum emerged. Well done.

Individual Performance: 10
Quality of Writing: 10

And phew, I'm suddenly glad I took this course. Haha. In the beginning of this sem I wasn't even sure if I would qualify for this course, he wanted only really capable writers. Now, I'm worried this may be my only A. Looked at my upcoming 5 exam subjects and realised I don't have a real solid chance of an A in any of them. :(

I'm gonna try for Shakespeare and Middle Ages though. (After my crappy Shakespeare assignment it'll be hard..) I dislike lit criticism, post-col... and stylistics is a killer! Notice how I dislike anything relatively modern? Haha dang I just noticed that myself.

Oh dear, not sure when my rambling started. Haha.

Sorry! I'll be back another time... Jan 9th is my final paper ;-)


waiyan said...

congratulations :)
*BIGHUG* i'm gonna miss seeing you around dataran e and arts and wherever :(

Jan 9th, I'm coming home <3

:) See you soon! And all the best.

Joannetmj said...

Just noticed your comment! Aww I'll still see you around :P You're 1 traffic light away from me!