Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hello World!

So it's been two weeks of internship thus far...

I know I left some drama-mama post the last time I blogged, basically that's solved di la. It was about internship but it's been settled and I'm really happy where I am now.

Yeah, seriously. :) My place treats interns like regular employees, so I've been sent out to conduct interviews - so far Chocolate Museum, and a few more elsewhere lined up (and no way does anyone introduce me as an intern - my company told me the moment I tell outsiders I'm an intern I'll be treated differently. And its true! I saw another company introduce a few interns... and the Chocolate Museum management didn't really entertain them). I'm producing articles that will be published in the following issue. I usually reach home at about 10pm (after dinner), leaving office about 8+ or 9.

Despite the long hours, it has been really good! And after talking to many other friends who are currently interning, I've realised that I've learnt so much more compared to most... cause they are really treated as interns and given menial jobs/filing/data entry/stuff people don't want to do. After 2 weeks I feel as if I've benefited tremendously from the steep learning curve.

And I've got really great colleagues who treat us (my other UM mates in my company and me) well too. Haha. In fact, a few of us just went out for Pacific Rim with our colleagues last night! We booked the entire row of the cinema.

My office environment is a pretty relaxed one with jokes being shouted across the office all the time. There's teasing on-going about each other liking so and so, this person being racist etc. With my office consisting of like about 5 different nationalities it's pretty interesting. hehe. And there's free-flow of maggi cups for employees who wanna eat all the time. LOL.

Surprisingly, after all my disdain about the corporate world... I find myself really enjoying it instead. The challenges it offers, the politics, the real work we do... it's something I'm thoroughly enjoying so far. Challenging, yes. Exciting, definitely.

Now I'm rethinking my entire future. -__- Not sure if going back to the university and contributing to the ivory tower is something I'll really be happy with after all...

The only thing I dislike thus far are my working hours... but my colleagues tell me that other companies don't usually end that late... in my office, when I leave at 9pm most of the others are still casually working on their computers, in no hurry to leave. But from what I see they never had to urgency to complete work fast from 9am anyway... they rather walk around and disturb others when they're bored. Haha. Maybe they enjoy staying so late? I don't know.

So yeah, my first few days of work was pretty tough, but I've settled in now and I feel comfortable. Best part about working?? Once you're done with work, you don't think about it till the next working day. You never have this kinda privilege as a student with assignments always weighing you down! :-) I LOVE this part. Yes, I reach home at 9pm. But I can do anything I want after that without any worries! And my weekends are just spent enjoying myself. No need to think about work work work.

And since I'm with 4 other UM friends in my company, we always have dinner together and laugh over our crazy day at work and weird people and stupid happenings till late into the night... it's good. :)

Back to some uni stuff...

I'll be a "Pemudahcara Mahasiswa" for the international students next semester. :-) Looking forward to that.. when I went for the training last week, I enjoyed a Korean meal (bimbimbap) and a night in Chef Wan Ismail's Restoran Rebung! cause I'm under ISC (International Students Centre) who are really generous and grateful that we wanted to help out. :D

I didn't apply to be a PM of course... never crossed my mind. But the ISC called me up for an interview since I went to NUS... they selected some of us who already went overseas so we could contribute more towards the treatment of international students here. Pretty smart idea, and I had a good weekend with some other students.

I'm happy with my results last semester! After all my sweat and blood and tears and no-sleep, on top of my Cambodia trip, Bandung trip, attending multiple political rallies and subsequently writing a note that went viral which in turn resulted in interviews - I'm surprised I survived it all! :-)

It's not official yet, haven't found out all my grades yet.. but so far it's been 4As and 2A-... I was shocked. Especially for Asia Tenggara, when I saw how badly the other students did (turns out one essay which I tembaked was correct cause Pulau Sipadan and Ligitan shares about the same basis for claims as the Ambalat issue. *PHEW*) Haha. Happy shock! My mum and Joash were shocked too. Cause they of all people knew what my semester was like I guess. Haha.

Just hoping that my credit transfer gets through... I need it to get through... Don't want to extend my studies for a pathetic 1/2 extra subjects! Not worth an entire semester. And it'll make my previous semester's torture all for nought. -__-

I desperate need a... holiday. Won't be getting one till next semester's mid-sem break (even then.... you never know. haha).

Let's see... my last holiday was before the start of last semester. With my Cambodian trip during the mid-sem break and my Bandung trip during the study break (both which only allowed me 4-6 hours of sleep per night)... and internship a few days after my final paper... and after my internship I'll be having MASUM 25-30 Aug, then will be a PM for orientation 2nd Sep onwards... 9th Sep back to studies.


What can I say? That's my life... and I chose it. All those things were my own choice. :-)

I guess... I'm just that kinda person.

As a friend who gets herself into deeper trouble than me once told me, "At least you haven't squatted down by your fridge and cried to yourself yet... cause you know everyone else will just scold you for making these choices."

So yeah... hey, I only live once! :-D

Not sure when my next update will be... till then, have a wonderful time, k?

God bless!

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