Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ello Muh Bloggy

Sorry about the MIA-ness... I wrote something on FB that went viral, been busy trying to answer everyone (still have about 60+ unread messages in my FB inbox!).

As far as I know, it's gone on, Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider, the Star, Loyar Buruk, Astro Awani... hmm. That's the list I know for now. :) NST contacted me and then ffk-ed me when they realised that it had already gone viral. I was pleasantly surprised when my friend told me that even Marina Mahathir had shared my note and came to my defense on behalf of temporary EC officers. haha!

Funny how a post written to release pent-up frustration could garner so much popularity! Hahaha. Oh well, I've received job offers, I guess that's the best outcome I could have hoped for. Apart from raising awareness among Malaysians, of course.

The most peculiar part about 'fame' is that sooo many people wanted to be associated to me. Hahaha! The ones who were blur and asking me about "your post that everyone is talking about - where to find it??" were my own real friends. I guess that's what true friends are for, eh? I think the worst person was CP!

So, this is my own personal blog - I don't know who reads it, but I know very few people do. Please keep it that way! It's my own private space, I'll have to make it private if that changes... which I don't want to, please! It's not like I write super personal stuff in here that you can stalk and find me (or maybe you can! :-O) but it's nice to have a space to rant about silly things in broken English and know that some people read it just for the fun of it.

So, with all the GE excitement dying down, I had to finish a 25 page essay in ONE day (Thursday) because I was sooo caught up with election fever I simply couldn't concentrate on my own work during the previous week!

OH! I'll be going to Bandung in June - some young speakers' ASEAN competition. Haha. About... guess what? Economic growth in ASEAN countries. LOL. If there is one thing you NEED to know about me, it's that my brain turns off the moment I see numbers and figures. Argh. The only reason why I got an A- in STPM for econs was because it had a lot of fun theory; the reason why I got the - in the A was probably due to the last section: the math part. :(

The lecturer who is an econs lecturer in my Southeast Asian dep asked me why I never took any of his courses... I was pretty honest and told him I have no interest in econs, I concentrated on politics (so much more vibrant and exercising and stimulating and oh all the fun stuff you can associate with politics!). -__-

Ok, I'm not making fun of econs la. I'm just being a sourgrape cause I'm no good in math. :(

Which means I'll need a lot of help for my competition. Econs, anyone? Specifically, how to increase economic growth among ASEAN countries.


Just a simple post to let you know that I'm very much alive! And it's week 12! Ahhhh with another 6 assignments to go! :-| :-| :-|

God bless!

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