Saturday, April 13, 2013

No one told me..

No one told me that removing stitches would hurt like $%&!@#!

I bit my lips and suppressed the screams coming out of my mouth as the doc removed the stitches in my foot today. :-O

After that he did more cutting of my foot (I officially have the common viral wart/verucca vulgaris and can become the world's first tree woman) and I controlled my urge to snatch my foot away from his hands.

I now have a deep, raw hole in my foot and I'm darn disgusted by it. -___- It hurts to walk and I've no idea when I can return to exercising, gym, badminton, running, and everything I usually do. Zzz.

Apart from that, I've returned from Cambodia yesterday and I've seen the light.

I'm gonna be an officer for election! *Excited*


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