Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh Happy Daaay =)

I'm happy because...

Joash bought a pair of shorts, jeans, earrings, and Vans today! Real, authentic Vans. =)

I always thinks he works far too hard, so it was a pleasant change for me to see him pinpointing out exactly what he wanted and walking all over 1U to look for what he wanted with minimal fuss... =P

I'm glad he pampered himself today! Really, it's awesome to see him buying things for himself. Later on he lamented on the 'wastage' of money... but I brushed it all aside because I think everyone needs this once in the while. And I haven't seen him do this since we started dating... I only saw him selling off his things when we started dating. (Biiig heartache at that time to see him struggling...) My man has come a looong way... so proud of him!

He's off to China tomorrow for a short business trip... :) Wish I could follow but it's right smack in the middle of classes.. another time la ;-)

Now that's a really, really nice pair of shoes.

I'm just done with shortening his new pair of jeans.. he's all set for China :-))

Have a fantastic trip to China, my dear man!

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