Friday, February 15, 2013

So I spent Valentine's Day In a Unique Manner...

Haha. I spent V's day throwing up!


Came down with food poisoning/stomach flu, whichever it was that made me feel horribly nauseous and feverish the whole day, whenever something went in my mouth it came out almost immediately.

Ah well, that just makes me appreciate today even more!

Bro (acting as the doc) asked,"How do you feel?"

Me: Feel like shit.

Bro: Err... can't diagnose you nor help you with that kinda answer.

Me: Feel like dying.

Bro: -__-

Hahaha. Anyway, I'm much better today, back in my beloved PJ! Ok, so I was back since Wed, had a good night out with the man, horrible day the next day in bed, and today I'm alive and kicking and ready to take on the world!

Well actually I'm trying to figure out what classes I have on Monday. Kinda forgot which classes I signed up for.. and I can't check the online timetable until Monday!

Can't believe sem is starting sooo quickly.

But I'm ok la, I like uni.

As people tell me, they can't really tell when I'm on hols or not because I'm everywhere no matter what. Hope that's the case for next sem since I'm not giving tuition!

And JPA is iiiinnn!

Malaysia boleh ;-)

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