Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hellooo :-)

Eat eat eat eattiiiing from Malacca. Hello! Reunions and plentiful food and drinking and ang paus and oooh whatever else a usual CNY entails la. *Good time to pretend I know my Chinese roots*

Joash will be joining me here soon! <3 p="">
Just wanted to ask... WHY?

People are asking me when I'm getting married.

Not just playful questions. The kind that sit down and look at me seriously and ask, "So when..?"


I'm 22 years old! Ok, so my mum got married at 23... but that was HER generation!


Today, an uncle asked me how long I've been with Joash.

"Er...  about 2.5 years??"

"Oh, quite long already. So will be very soon la? *wink wink*"

"*Eyes big big* Noooo, long time more... nooo..."

Haha... so much for saying only the single people have problems with these kinda questions. Those with partners have big pressure also, ok??

Joash is busy establishing his business, and I am busy working on my career. Give us some time and space, pretty please?? Some people say work together only "fun" ma, so may as well get married and live in a rented room.

Well, every couple is different, and Joash and I do not want to start off married life like that.

Besides, I'm only 22! :-O


Ah, the quirks of CNY.

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Wo ai ni men!

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