Friday, January 25, 2013

Long time no see!

Heylo blog!

Haha. =) Sorry, I know I promised all sorts of updates and photos but I'm just sooo busy/lazy that I can't find the time to upload and resize and ohhh whatever other boring stuff that comes with photos.

I'll try again soon, k??

Anyway, been having a good time! =) Final hol was in Penang, awesome pawesome time with Elaine, CP, Dickson, and oh quaint ol' Penang. Escape Park was the best! *Must go back and complete it. With gloves this time.*

Came back to PJ, decided to be a good girl and just stay put... nearly went off to Pangkor again for UM badminton training, but they canceled it so guess I'm staying put till Malacca for CNY.

Ok, not that I'm really staying put. I'm out nearly all the time it's pretty much exhausting. Haha. 1U, Paradigm, TCM, 1U, Paradigm, 1U, 1U, 1U... 1U simply because my gym is there. And 1U is just... 1U. ;-) Paradigm simply because it's sooo nearby home. (Don't like the cinema there though. Crammed like nobody's business although they charge more.) TCM, not so frequent, used to go there for Ninja Joe's but since Ninja's novelty wore off + they branched out di. Empire Gallery for a CG meeting. Er... I'm not a big fan of Empire. Haha. Or Subang Parade (I looove the flea market there though, world's cutest rabbits are sold there.)

Entertaining my new puppy! Leia :-) She's taking up a loot of my time, all the training and scolding and manja-ing... <3 2nd="" as="" ash="" love="" my="" p="" says="">
Entertaining friends! In particular some long-lost PJite people. =P

Visited a newborn... *sooo adorable*

Helping Joash with his place =)

Gonna climb Kiara tomorrow!

Ahh.. only another 3 weeks more :-( Then it's back to the grind, training and studying and and... but I am looking forward to my coursemates. :-) After a stint in Singapore...

Have a good night! =)

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