Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Another Year Goes, Another Year Comes

2012 was pretty much a... harrowing year, I think it would be safe to describe it as such.

Harrowing - a pretty strong word to use perhaps, but it's what I feel like I've undergone so it stays.

I frankly wished my 21st year of my life went smoother but I think we all do, so I'm just another idealist. In 2 weeks time I'll be moving on with the magic number 21, and I expect it'll just be like that from now on... just numbers increasing on and on without them being important anymore. Hahaha, I sound pretty pessimistic =P *shrugs* That's who I am.

In 2012 I strengthened a few relationships and purposely let go of a lot more. Purely my choice, for my own reasons.

I tried to be a better granddaughter but failed miserably - only saw my grandma once this year I think. Tried to see her over Christmas but we found the house locked up with a huge padlock - I do think my dear relatives would have had to courtesy to inform us if grandma had passed on, so I like to think that she's out there somewhere, safe and sound. I tried asking my aunt what happened but no reply... yet. Yeah family gets kinda complicated at times.

My 4.5 months in Singapore was really good... simply because I had the luxury of caring for me, myself, and I only. Haha. It was awesome! The moment I got back to reality I had to start thinking of everything again, ensuring this and that is done, accompanying bro and mum to do this and that etc. I do occasionally think longingly of my hostel room in NUS where I only had to care for one person... oh gosh, just taking the lift down and having your meals without any ado... really, someone told me I would learn to be independent when I went to Singapore. On the contrary, I think I learnt to be spoon-fed there. Haha.

I'm on a break now, am actually blogging from Kuantan now. :-) It's been a pretty tiring past week, my entire body felt like crashing on Saturday. But I'm still alive and well, so I guess it's a good sign.

I'm not really expecting 2013 to be easier, but what is life without hope? :-)

So... despite my rather pessimistic post, here's to a better and happier new year! :-)

Happy 2013!

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waiyan said...

<3 happy new year, rounds :)