Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Painful Cry

Remember this video? I posted it once Here.

Decided to watch it again today.

I still cannot fathom the passion and anguish in this man's voice as I listen to his sermon.

It's.. painful.

Today I was last-minutely summoned to play the guitar for my church's community outreach project in a less-privileged part of PJ. Considering my crazy schedule the past few months and the fact that I had not touched an acoustic guitar since July meant that my fingers would undergo tremendous hurt.

Wowee, was I right! When we reached a song that was full of bars I nearly broke down and cried. Hahaha.

But I didn't la. Cause everyone was singing and I was the sole musician there, so if I had stopped halfway the music would have died. :-O

As I spent time with the people there, I realised how very privileged I was as a kid, growing up. Not that we had millions, but the fact that I had two very loving and devoted parents who were there for me, who cared for me. Some of these kids have never once received 1/10th of the parental love that I had growing up. Parents griping about their kids, me talking to a quiet 10-year-old girl whose mother was complaining about how much trouble this girl gave her... I'm glad I turned up today.

I used to help out with this outreach before Singapore, but back then I was never so aware of the surroundings/circumstances. Maybe I was, but I was too focused on trying to tutor those kids instead of understanding them.

The call for anguish is out there, not within the 4 walls of church.

When will we see that?

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