Friday, November 30, 2012

< 3

With the recent drama about UM trying to kick me out,

JPA chasing me for some document issues,

and me trying to maintain my grades here to keep my Singapore scholarship,

I think life is exciting.


Brings back the dramatic days of having to pay back MOE my scholarship for breaking my bond with them...

The simple pleasures in life will suffice to remind me that life ain't that bad.

Brought Andrea out for a birthday lunch! And bought her a Starbucks Christmas mug that she's been eyeing! :-) Happy birthday, Andrea and mum! Haha. My mum's bday too =P We talked about everything under the sun and moon... and she gave me real, authentic and workable medicine for my phlegm!

I actually owe another 3 friends outings but I don't know how to squeeze everyone in di. =|

Santa Claus dropped me off a can of coffee outside my room door with a sweet note stuck on it. Haha, Lilian off to enjoy her holidays! While I'm stuck here with another 2 exam papers. Similar modus operandi as Dab a while ago. < 3

Discussing Legoland plans with CP, one of the most complicated trips we've had to plan thus far simply because of timing and transportation issues. :O At this rate you may very well see me in Bintan/Batam next week instead of playing Lego bricks.

Packing to go back for good! And looking forward to a Beauty and the Beast Musical with my sayang =D Hahaha, hey, if I can watch Twilight with him, he can do this for me. =P Ok la, it was an impulsive thought simply because it was on Groupon. I would never consider such a thing otherwise.

And the Low brothers wanna go out for makan! Hahaha =) Sweetly waiting for me to go back so we can all go together.

And oh my friends/coursemates/unimates back home have been such great encouragement to me, constantly checking on my sick and exam status through FB, WhatsApp and Line... thanks peeps, you know who you are. :-) (What would we do without technology???)

I maintain, all I need are a few awesome and caring friends to make me happy. :-) No very-many-friends for me that can't be bothered with me nor care less if I live or die, thank you very much.

Till I blog again, have a great day! =)

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