Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mad Cravings!

Oh drat.

Having food cravings now! (No, it's nothing related to being a girl. Just a "I realllyyyyy miss Malaysia" moment!)

Nasi Dagang in 1 Utama.. with chilli potatoes... at least, until Joash introduces me to his always raved about east coast version, I'm still in love with what 1 U offers.

In dire need of some chicken/pork Katsu Don.. the NICE version. The ones I've had here have been... below mediocre thus far. Haha. Maybe cause I ain't willing to spend so much cash on food here.

Had curry mee hoon today - Old Town White Coffee. Was pretty ok, so that solves my curry mee hoon craving.

Oh... and the nasi lemak from the Taman Megah market... :-O

Haha. :)

I'm also having non-edible cravings like white water rafting (ever since CP and I failed to get that in Sandakan) and playing in a waterfall. Oh, and beautiful strong waves washing over me.

Had a pretty exciting day today, got drenched thoroughly cause of Singapore's storm. *Macamlah xde hujan kat Msia* But in Malaysia I'm less prone to wonder out using public transport when it's storming, I guess. =P

Haha, I'm missing it so much I'm gonna drop by a cousin's house in Johor this Monday evening till Tuesday morning. Have an event (ASEAN Learning Journey) on Monday and Tuesday.

Oh and I wanna goto Labuan to see another cousin!

Oh oh and I wanna goto Penang and see long lost friends!

Oh oh oh and I wanna go back to PJ so that I can see my long lost boyfriend!


Singapore's 24/7 Mustafa Centre is AWESOME. Wish Malaysia had one.. imagine, I can shop anytime I want! =) Went there at 7am this morning. Haha. Desperado. Came back and collapsed in bed for a few hours. Then went out to attempt to attend City Harvest's service only to find out that my friend and I had gotten the wrong location. -__- By then we were wet rats.

But it was fun! :-)

On a side note, I completely forgot about Dad's Birthday on the 6th of Nov! :-O How time flies... Have a wonderful, 57th birthday Dad! :-) I liiike talking about you... I talk about you a lot :-) You've made me proud... love ya! :-)

God bless,

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